The Entertainer Hot & Cold Food Carrier SALE!


We really LOVE this bag and you will too! Attending Holiday dinners, heading to the game for some tailgating with friends, taking a road trip to the mountains or to visit family, or maybe its your week to bring food and snacks to your child sporting event? The Entertainer Hot & Cold Food Carrier is perfect for transporting casseroles and meals, snacks and drinks to dinners, tailgating, picnics, beach and any outdoor functions. Collapses for compact storage when not in use, which will be rare as you will find yourself using it frequently, all year long. Always handy, Always useful!

The Double Entertainer can hold both hot and cold foods in the 2 expandable sections. The full thermal foil insulated lower section holds up to an 11" x 15" (5 QT.) casserole dish (not included). The full zippered expandable top section has an insulated leak proof liner to hold containers, ice, beverages, condiments, salads, dinners, fruit, desserts and more. This Hot & Cold Insulated Tote, keeps your food hot and your beverages cold. You can do both of the best worlds!

The Single Entertainer is also full thermal foil insulated and holds up to an 11" x 15" (5 QT.) casserole dish (not included), or use containers to section it into smaller side dishes, snacks, drinks etc.


- Insulated to keep food hot or cold

- Folds flat for compact storage

- Durable and sturdy, made from recyclable, non-woven polypropylene

- Ultra-large capacity

- Perfect for groceries, tailgating, picnics, & SO much more

Item Size: 18" L x 11" W x 8"