What is Insanely Good?

A relationship that began as Facebook friends turned into a conversation, friendship and ultimately an insanely good partnership and a new promising business.

The creation of Insanely Good came about from a discussion of dreams and ambitions between founders Chef Brett Mckee and Kathy Downey. Brett wanted to bring his passion for good cuisine into the privacy of people’s homes, not only by providing cooking classes and private events, but also by making products that he uses in most of his recipes available for purchase.

Kathy, whom Brett refers to as the brains behind the idea, brings her 20 plus years of graphic design and web experience to breathe life into the brand and help Brett realize his dreams in the form of an online store. Many of our most precious memories are created over a good meal with family and friends.

Brett Mckee was raised in a home that held family in high regard. He credits his early cooking experience to his mother and grandmother and recalls fond memories of his large family gathering round the table for a good meal. Likewise, Kathy Downey comes from a large Southern family where cooking and family meals have been a cornerstone in her life and the lives of her children. These days, in our fast paced lives, dinner and heirlooms of the past are now replaced with quick fix meals and meaningless disposable items; mutli-colored plastic cutting sheets, microwaveable dinners, and take out food. Families rarely take the time to sit down together for a simple dinner at the end of a busy day.

Brett took a look as his own life and realized that in the hustle and bustle of everyday, he was loosing what he had cherished and enjoyed growing up and was sacrificing years of memories with his children by not sharing this precious gift of tradition with his own family. Now, having founded Insanely Good, Brett aims to take his 40 years of culinary experience combined with Kathy’s graphic and marketing expertise to become purveyors of memories.

The Insanely Good collection is comprised of simple essentials that are timeless and fashioned to last through generations. Our first launch includes a small preview of things to come; like Middleton made knives, cutting boards crafted by Kathy’s father, hand-dipped wooden bowls and some of Brett’s family’s favorite spice rubs, like his Tuscan Rub and his daughter’s favorite French Toast Rub.

We are dedicated to bringing you high-quality and stylish products that have been crafted with care with the thought of your family in mind. Cook, eat, enjoy, and keep in mind that you are creating memories that are Insanely Good.