Each recipe and dish can tell a story, not only of how it was made, but also with whom and for whom it was made.  Every gathering leaves you with memories, not only of the delicious food that you enjoyed but how it was prepared and the timeless, unique objects used to create the experience. Think back to your most memorable times in the kitchen, a dinner, a holiday meal... what are the things that you remember the most? A special knife that was used only for the turkey carving at Thanksgiving, a certain set of bowls, a wooden spoon that has been in your family for generations?

At Insanely Good we believe that more than skills are handed down through the kitchen. The Insanely Good kitchen collection is comprised with simple essentials that are timeless and fashioned to last through generations. Food and memories are inextricably linked. Insanely Good strives to provide kitchen heirlooms that set the tone, make the meal, create the memories and are passed on to future generations.

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